Ablaze Episode 3: The seductress and a desperate friend

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The blades of a ceiling fan spin overhead but it’s as hot as an harmattan afternoon, the air in the sitting room is awkwardly stiff. The television hums steadily, a girl in soft silk night wear stands to one side of the room, she peeks out and sniggers mischievously, Demola thumbs the remote and changes the channel. Why his daughter had chosen this weekend to bring her friend for a sleep over was still nagging the corner of his mind, even if she had no sinister intentions, her friend was clearly on some crazy agenda of her own.

Chidera toys with her shoulder straps, she pulls one of the hands down to her shoulder just above her breast, the other hand slides up a bit exposing her thighs. A slight puff of breeze skips in through the window behind her, making her gasp and turn, she bends over the window sill to cull in the bar and lock it off. Demola shifts uncomfortably on the sofa, he peers around in the dark, maybe to see if Dupe will suddenly appear and deliver him from this temptation. Why did she have to choose this time to travel home for one of her endless family feuds, he had followed once and those times had scarred his memories of her family for life. Chidera was now on the couch too, he could not be sure if she was watching the movie, of which he had somehow picked an adult channel.

“Jeez!” Demola exclaims and fumbles with the remote.

“Ahahan, leave it sir, I was enjoying it,” Chidera whispers.

The tip of her finger brushes his bare arms and she moves closer on the couch. Chidera let’s her thighs just gently rest on Demola. He looks around in the dark again, maybe Onyinye will come downstairs and get her friend or somebody will knock on the door just across the sitting room.

“Sir, I have always wanted to ask you something.”

“Yes? What’s that my dear.” Demola stammers a bit on his attempt to remain casual.

“Do you ever feel like you want something more than what you have sir?” Chidera asks.

He pauses a bit, still hoping that his bulging zipper would not be obvious, maybe he was only reading the wrong signs.

“I don’t understand what you mean Chidera,” he replies.

Her hair is so close to his face by now, her soft hand rests on his thigh and her sleepy drawl sweeps her voice around in a mist. The rooms seems to be responding to her advances as well, it’s cool unlike before, Chidera curls up on the couch and rests her head on Demola’s stomach just a few inches shy of his bulge. Her arms find his waist, it’s now more than an imagination or some figment in his mind, his daughter’s friend was curled up on his chest and Demola could feel his turgid manhood straining against his zipper and his self control bursting at the seams.


Onyinye had grown used to not being part of the class, she hardly spoke when school resumed. Her mother’s death had turned her into that girl who sulked all day, wondering why God was so angry and without conscience. He took her mom and was probably planning to take her dad soon so she was practically doomed in her own opinion. It was weird when on the second week of resumption, Chidera had followed her from class, she seemed to be bent on some sort of mission. The roads to the student’s residents were all tarred, the Sun was retreating as they strolled. Chidera broke the ice, “so tell me about your boyfriend,” she said.

“I don’t have a boyfriend, what do I need a boyfriend for? Why are you even talking to me?”

“Hey! Chill girl, I’m just trying to pull you out of this black hole you have thrown yourself.”

“Excuse me, are you insane?”

“Damn girl! You are so touchy, I thought you would love having a friend, no need to be rude,” Chidera replied and made to walk away.

Onyinye felt the guilt sting her, she sighed and called out to the other girl who turned round smiling.

“Okay, I am sorry. ”

“Better! I know we will be best friends,” Chidera remarked.

They never became best friends, Chidera was just too much of excitement for the grieving girl. They had practically spent the whole of first year with Onyinye dodging and the other girl chasing, not until the sudden arrival of Dupe at their home.

“Chi chi, if I tell you I have never been this scared in my life will you believe me?” Onyinye asked her friend.

“I know girl, but you have to adjust to change, maybe she is a nice woman after all, remember how you didn’t like me at first,” said Chidera.

The duo sat on a bed, the room had two other bed stands, a wall-fitted wardrobe and a back exit that opened into the kitchen. The school had built the hostel rooms for three occupants and fortunately Chidera had somehow gotten them both into the same room, there were rumours that she had to sleep with the student’s affairs coordinator and even hall wardens to get the rooms. Everyone had some crazy story to tell about the girl, her manner was unsettling for most, she had gorgeous eyes that even Onyinye wished for everyday and her lips gave a combined impression of sensuality and pride when she spoke. Onyinye had refused to ask questions, at least unlike a host of other students, she got a room in second year so why not keep such a friend handy? She resolved that Chidera could be her answer to prayers one way or another, so the bathroom gists, the new found intimacy and bed talks naturally followed, even Chidera was surprised that they were now sobbing into each other’s hair and talking about everything.

“My Dad used to be so happy with my mom,” Onyinye muttered almost incoherently, tears trickled down her face, she could see that Chidera was also as sad.

“I know this must be tough for you,” Chidera replied.

“You can’t imagine, I hate that woman and her whole family. I know she charmed my father, you know all these Yoruba people and their charms.”

“It’s very possible, but let’s be reasonable a bit Onyinye babe. Your dad is old enough to know what he wants or needs, maybe he is just lonely.”

“No, that woman and her family charmed him. We were so happy, I practically spend all holidays at home, I never complained, so why would he be lonely? Couldn’t he just find someone else? And grandma has a hand in this ooo.”

“Girl! What is wrong with you, how can you claim your mother’s family would join to charm your father?” Chidera exclaims.

“No, not her, I mean my Dad’s mother, she was the one that brought the crazy woman to our house and I thought they were just visiting.”

“hmm, so what do you want to do now Onyin. You know we can’t hide away on campus forever and I am sure you told your Dad some lie to get here. I can’t keep stretching favours with the hall warden.”

“Okay I will go back home, thanks for coming out to meet. I told dad I was coming to collect some course materials. I will go on one condition,” Chidera says with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

Sometime in their first year, Demola had taken sudden interest in Chidera and it seemed to Onyinye that the feeling was mutual since her friend was always looking out for opportunities to meet her Dad.

“So what condition is that?” Chidera asks. Onyinye feigned more excitement than she actually felt. “You have to come for a sleep over!” The girls shrieked and hugged, their voices bounced off the walls of the empty building. The windows and doors barely sealed out their excitement and chatter, the two girls hugged and talked more.

“Okay, and your step mom?”

“Don’t worry, she likes waka waka! Travels like a restless camel”


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