A Dose Of Self-Confidence (I)

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You may, at one time or the other felt incapable of achieving something, not because you are an arm or leg less than someone who feels they can. The ability to esteem oneself in normal working condition and optimal ability to perform a task may be a tough issue for a lot of us.

The first question we need to ask ourselves towards sorting out this disorder is, Where is the seat of CONFIDENCE in a person? That is for an average person who is confident in themselves where does the confidence reside?. I am not the greatest analyst of the Triad of the body,Mind and Soul, However I have some certainties about each of them which may helping discovering  the quarry-site for discovering self-confidence

The Body:

Does the body have anything to do with how confident I am? This could be a No and also a yes. If the body is considered in its independent, remote functioning, remote in the sense that the point at which it collides with the mind in its functions is removed, then in this isolated state the body may have nothing to do with how confident a person is. The best way this way could be illustrated is the use of a dead body. A dead man has no soul and has lost the use of the mind, he cannot have need for confidence. this been established you should keep those fingers crossed cause as we shall find later on the body still plays a major role in determining how confident a person is.

The Soul:

The presence of the soul in a body can be said, to be a necessary condition but not sufficient condition to establish self confidence. Without a soul as has been described earlier, the dead cannot have use of self-confidence, this does not mean also that a person who has a soul automatically is capable of esteeming himself as capable of some feat. To this end I will use the illustration of “The Insane”.  Although there is the necessary condition of the presence of a soul, however as we all know the Insane has no mind activity and may not be able to measure ability based on any criteria as he has no ability for rational directional thinking. The insane has no measure or yardstick for possibility or impossibility so anything done is not based on any of these but on circumstantial occurences hence we can conclude that without the soul there may not be the possibility of rational evaluation of ones abilities but in its presence also there still could exist a void of self-confidence.

to be continued……


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