4 Stupid Reasons why Nigerians go to School

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  1. Education is the best legacy:

    STUPID STUPID and MEGA STUPID. When a father feels like he has failed in every area but needs to “stroke” his ego you will hear something like “I spent all my life sending you to a good school” and sometimes they would load the guilt trip on you “I could have just sent you to a public school, I even paid for boarding house!”. Now you should be feeling some gratitude right? NO!! NO and NO!! let this be known to you that it is part of your right to life, you were not the one instructing him and your mother when they chose not to use birth control. Parenting comes with a cost and responsibility, one of such is to educate your child so don’t make that a substitute for working hard and paying for roadtrips and I’scream.

  2. I will employ you as soon as you come out with a Second class upper:

    some of us have uncles who are working in oil companies, they promise us that they will fit us in but we have to just get the right score and bring the CERTIFICATE as evidence. It is totally ridiculous to advocate salary-jobs as ultimate life goals. It becomes closer to slavery when we place so much emphasis on the need to go through four or five years of school for income that someone is already earning right now. Your uncle would probably have been promoted or sacked in four years time. It is either you begin to earn what he was earning at the time he promised you or he would also be back in the job-market looking for greener pastures.

  3. I want to Fight corruption:

    Nigeria was ranked 136 out of 167 countries on transparency International index 2015, NEWSFLASH!! we are not the first or second or third most corrupt country and so we should stop blaming our failure on corruption. If you don’t believe me CHECK THIS LINK, there is this guy on nairaland who showed how Russia and Kenya beat us in corruption and they have also evidently beat Nigeria on every level. See education is not counter corruption, that is the job of Pastors, Imams and other religious bodies who registered their work to battle moral decadence.A lot of corrupt individuals are more educated than you are.

  4. Boko Haram and Terror is the work of illiterates:

    Blah blah blah, STUPID!! It has become common sentiment for people to associate terror with illiteracy. Facts exist to disprove this, cultism and gang battles in our tertiary institutions, please are they organized by illiterates? are those cultist roadside mechanics? According to Dr. Peregrino Brimah “Poverty does not create terrorists. A lack of western education does not also fester terror. The popular misconceptions need be reviewed. We are being disrespectful and disingenuous when we falsely accuse the poor or western uneducated of being prone to terror.” He told a story of how he was threatened by fellow students to join confraternities as a student and lays out facts that show that just 15% of bombers are illiterates – READ MORE HERE: Real reason for terror

Let me introduce you to a new way of life, we have institutions because we have societies, we created societies because we needed to cooperate for survival, we need to assign jobs and make our societies work, we know some people will die and need to be replaced on jobs, so we need to educate replacements. The certificate is not evidence that you know how the society functions or understand where you fit in. The certificate also does not guarantee that you will secure enough economic power to excel as a member of this society we have created.

I started using coursera.org to learn a course on data analysis for business, back then you were allowed to take the course and pay later for certification. Suddenly the site stopped making it free, they must have realized that there are some people like me out there, who don’t care about the certificate, we are more concerned about knowledge transfer. Certificates are like money, they artificial constructs used to continue the inequality that exists in society. They put these road blocks on the way to ensure that only a select few can reach the cookie while the rest spend their lives in miserable rat races, comparing themselves with other people, wondering when they will gain an edge and never realizing that the real deal is the knowledge transfer.


“Certificates are like Money;

Its their job

to keep the slaves struggling

and the stupid miserable”

NOTE: This is part of our ideals for developing human capacity, we are very much concerned with knowledge transfer in schools and organizations. This is why we advocate the use of electronic content to create a robust strategy for knowledge transfer. Partner with Us or Invite Us to your training, Human resource department or Teacher training workshop.


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    Hmmmm,Nice write up….but why not,you ‘ll get automatic employment with First class honors?it’s common now but it does not work that way too..Nice

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      Btw I would like to know who the comment is from, please whats your name?


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