3 steps to Self De-In-struct

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Think structures, think possibilities! I learnt in school about “latent” value. A structure broken and worn by disuse, discouragement and disapproval stands in the way of a magnificent 5 star hotel “vision”.

By the virtue of a person’s capacity, the fact that you are human you could be any type of person you want to be. I have had friends who would complain about their background as the reason they cannot be “like” those clean cut guys that we see on the TV screen. “Oh I am just a farm boy”, “you don’t know what I have been through”. Definitely the past of that deserted house is very important but more important is the fact that, the old “struct” has to be deleted (destruct) for a new in “struct” to commence.

Steps to self instruction:
1. Highest and best use is a principle that involves a bit of comparative analysis; you have to start asking “what do people my age, race, height etc. DO” or rather what do I see myself doing? This involves a lot of looking, at one’s self and at other people around us.
2. Cost Evaluation: there are some kind of abandoned “struct” that would comply easily with modifications to allow a more magnificent structure to arise. There are some which by virtue of the prevailing trends or constituent materials would require a total de”struct” ion before a more valuable life pattern, habit, cultural belief, attitude can be erected. Each has varying cost patterns and must be treated differently as such.
3. Persevere and Preserve: This is lifelong, the journey to each individual has unique deliverables (goals) hence unique time frame, loopholes, challenges and conquests. The important thing thus is to keep the goal in mind and to keep hope alive. In the school of re-instruction, the best are those who never get distressed.

I wish you a lovely day as you find the fortitude to make life-changing decisions today.


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