3 methods For Beating Your Housemaid

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  1. get blahlah (horsewhip), then beat her senseless. WICKED Soul!
  2. Open your mouth and pour every filthy feeling you have on him. THEN go and bless your own children in church/mosque. onye ara, oloshi!
  3. When your wife and daughter have finished 1&2 Mr. Daddy you can go and play Daddy and Mummy with the poor girl’s underneath.

Strange as these things may sound, they are happening around us. Today I was going to check an apartment for one of my clients and I went back to one house I had seen before. I met this beautiful young girl, she was there the last time and smiling as always. She invited me into their house after reporting my arrival.

Immediately the woman came to the living room, she did not even seem to notice me at first as she turned on the poor girl.

“You senseless Idiot, you could have told him to wait outside”, after venting her foul thoughts on the girl she then turned to me with an apology that she needed to “correct” the “Idiot”.

After a while she was at ease with me and started telling me how she had built the estate for her children and was like a “Grandma” to the children of the other tenant. “this my house girl opens the gate, when the children are back” she said this while pointing to her “Idiot” who is probably her grandchildren’s age mate. I could not show my disgust, because business remains business. My only anger is for the terrible parents who sent their child into such a hellhole.

How and when will these folly stop??


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