10 things 25 year Olds can do without Money

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Money has this strange way of crippling people, epecially at 25+ years. Its not like you don’t have beautiful dreams or you are not hardworking. For some reason, you are just not rich enough for anything, so you give up on a lot of things. I think we are missing the point of our existence when we hinge a lot on money, people wanted to give and take in the same “measure” and so Money was created.

There are some things you can give without money:

1. Make people laugh: I recently realized  it was so easy for me to write the simplest ideas in the weirdest ways and this makes people laugh. I have happy friends for this! I gave and so I received.
2. Listen: a lot of people are talking, there is so much noise and someone is dying in secret. You don’t need money to listen to people, you need heart.
3. Teach: there is always information to transfer and someone that needs that information.
4. Promote ideas: talk to people/organizations that are already doing what you would like to do and promote them.
5. Create or Curate Digital Products: there is a huge market for ebooks, audio books and visual trainings. This may involve minimal funds but if you could read this post, you have everything it takes.
6. Help Family: Family could be really tough and annoying especially when you are my age and you probably just want to get your own wife and kids. Its good to put in your bit into whatever your parents are doing.
7. Serve the Public: explain civic duties, public collaboration and political issues to the less educated.
8. Boost Your Friends: it is very likely that 70-80% of your colleagues are going through tough times as well, be their voice of encouragement.
9. Improve: find simple ways to learn new skills, work on your communication, your attitude, emotional intelligence, spirituality etc.
10. Build Hobbies: take time out, give yourself a break and do things that make you happy always.

No one says life will be easy, several times we go hungry, we get sad, depressed and angry, but the important things are those things we can do without money. Money on its own has no value, it is these things or activities that actually cost money. So if we can give them out to people for free, we will definitely get the payment in cash or kind.


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