​YOUR GIFT MIGHT KILL YOU – How talent sets you up for death! 

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YOUR GIFT MIGHT KILL YOU – How talent sets you up for death!

The gift of a man only gives him entrance to the presence of kings, it is social intelligence that sustains that relationship.

Many who are gifted have been shut out of life because they bank on their gift only and ultimately taking for granted the social intelligence (art of politics) required.
Talent/skill is cheap, a king can always employ a new hand, but the ability to sustain the trust and loyalty of a king is priceless. That is the ultimate genius he who must live through must possess.
Always remember: Gifts can open the door to the palace, it is politics (social intelligence) that keeps the door open.

Once he counts it less important to understand the dynamics of things and  he chooses to abandon reality and  views the world through the lens fantasy, the end is predictable.
Talent (without social intelligence) is a trap that gets people killed in the presence of kings.


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