​Uncover and Discover; Happy New Year from Pretoria, a New Adventure Begins

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Yesterday, I considered all that mattered to me and realized that you are important to me. I did a little room cleaning yesterday. For each time I turned over a box, I found new corners to clean. I started out with just taking a few things off my table but it exploded into a full house cleaning.

In the new year, you need to uncover and discover. Every time you act on a goal, you give yourself a chance to discover new things about yourself.

On this blog, I have had the grand opportunity to mentor some of you, to teach and inspire you towards your dreams. This has connected me with clients, mentors and my growth has been more than I can quantify.

It has been an honour to write here and share my experiences with you. I will not stop.  When I started writing on my blog, I had just a couple of people to share my thoughts with, this has changed. Over the years I have met a few of my readers offline but most of you have followed my thoughts keenly without meeting me in person.

Let’s Discover Together in 2018

I am deeply honoured to be so valued. I want you to know that this new year would be a greater one than the last and I have so many plans in place to make this blog even more valuable to you.

It’s a new year and I want you to know that I care.  If you are still interested in reading some chapters from two of my top books, here is the download link. 


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