​Organizing my room is usually therapeutic; Improving freelance experience from within.

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A recent post on this blog about freelance struggles inspired this one. Organizing your room and eliminating clutter could be truly therapeutic and relaxing. We all hate clutter! It seems to dampen productivity more than we think and this is not a peculiar experience. Sometimes when we are even experiencing a lot of positive things, the clutter in our workspace blocks them out. While a lot of good may be happening to you, clutter reduces our ability to appreciate them.

Organizing your workspace is a thing of the mind too.

We know we should go out a bit for some fresh air but the workload keeps calling us back. The room is upturned. You have not done laundry in weeks. This is always a bad sign when your room just takes charge of itself. It’s usually a signal that we may not be in the best frame of mind to control the space we have. Especially for freelance workers who may also be light travellers or packers.

Some of us grew up in homes where we kept a lot of old stuff. Growing up we realize we had a lot of things we don’t need or use. It could be good to develop a habit of assessing the things we have. We can easily throw out those we have not used or touched in more than 4-6 months. This ensures that the room is always spacious and you can easily maintain some average level of cleanliness. A good sense of well being can be achieved when one’s living area is in good condition.

Here are other ways this exercise may reduce your stress level and relax you:

1.  We are more relaxed knowing that we have not neglected personal hygiene because of work.

2. You can easily compartmentalise the things you need to do.

3. It’s easier for us to relate to people knowing that our living area is in good condition. Don’t be that cool guy who has a dirty room.

4. The room seems to be the place where most freelancers spend most of their time so it should at least be in the best condition always. This shows we place a lot of value on ourselves.

It’s truly relaxing.

Once the living area is great, we only have to focus on the real work. No need to bother about breeding cockroaches or rodents. When we are done with work, the room is in a good state for rest and sleep. There is no greater pay off to anticipate than a good night rest on a fresh bed, after a full day of work.

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