​Who Stole My Idea? The most ridiculous question people ask about executing ideas.

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What’s the most amazing feeling in the world?

It’s not getting paid, no it’s not getting married nor is it sex. After pissing in your pants under the rain, the next best feeling is what I will call “the art of steal”. The most amazing feeling in the world is the one you get while executing an idea that someone thinks they are hiding. It’s such an amusing experience to watch conceited people lose it all; someone who places so much importance on what he has and eventually loses it while hoarding it. Successful entrepreneurs and achievers do not have this delusional sense of importance. I create content for people, this skill is unique but there are always alternatives. My client could get a similar offer so what exactly makes me a choice?

You are unique

You have been told that you can rule the world with great ideas. I hate to break this to you but there are over a million people capable of thinking like you. There is someone thinking the exact same thoughts you are thinking right now. This post has probably popped up in someone’s head and they would lead you to the same conclusion.
Do you have a business idea, story idea, or an idea you want to pitch in at work? Maybe you feel that possessive stint, yes you should be protective of your ideas but not for too long.

You are not alone

A lot of ideas randomly pop into the minds of every average human per second and you are not alone. That problem you have noticed has also been noticed by several others, it’s not just you. These other “competitors” are also considering how to execute a solution much like yours.
Believe that your idea is unique but don’t glorify your idea, don’t glorify it that you assume it can never be another person’s idea too.
I have had opportunities to discuss with a number of young people about their ideas; most times with the intention of helping them decide how best to start making it happen. The funny response I get is that they are not ready to talk about the idea, probably with the mind that anyone could steal the idea from them.

Why Hoard an Idea?

Yes, it is quite possible that there are people who would take advantage of an idea you talk about, that’s just natural. However, what is the point of hoarding an idea for three months or more without taking any step towards execution?
Do you think the problem your idea seeks to solve will not become apparent to other people? Eventually what happens is that the passage of time renders your solution ineffective because by the time you choose to begin some work; competition now exists beyond what you would have had if you executed and evolved over time.

But let me tell you a secret: no one does when they begin. Ideas don’t come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them. You just have to get started.
If I had to understand everything about connecting people before I began, I never would have started Facebook. ~ Mark Zuckerberg

“If you spend too much time

thinking about a thing, you’ll

never get it done.”

-Bruce Lee

Execute and Evolve
I encourage everyone to be patient and brood on ideas, allow the ideation process to take its course and mature in your mind. Yes, ideas need to take root in your mind. They need time to receive sufficient attention or nurture but this is not the same thing as procrastination and an unhealthy fear of rivalry.  There will always be copies and similar ideas all around, this is what leads to competition. You cannot fully eliminate competition from any market, even in a monopoly, there is simply an edge the business has over others who would have desired to also offer the same product or service.
So why not evolve while executing; evolve and execute.

If you still have some energy to do some reading about executing your idea, I think you should check this post by Nir Eyal “What do you do when someone steals your amazing idea?
I discussed this phenomenon with the students in my #writeheart class and we came to the same conclusion that ideas are not really rare, in fact, they most, likely occur to a lot of people at the same time. What makes you different is how you execute, evolve and execute.

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