​Harvey it your way

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The waters took their banks with them
It was like we cashed out on savings

Deposits made by ancestral spirits

Long ago we have paid dues

Thinking to bribe the water

With deaths on high seas

We thought that blood

Would wash our sins away.

The ice caps are melting

They said

You use too much of carbon

They warned

But for our posh cars

Luxury of refrigerators

Lower costs of production

We burnt more fuel

Waged war on the Ozone

Unsheathed our sword on the shores.

Deceived by our own immunity

We forgot our pact with mortality

As in our hearts we placed ourselves

On the throne of gods

Exalted on the wings of our genius

We thought “Einstein can handle this!”

It turned out the Sun and Moon

Were in cohort

A war on humanity

The tides swaying to the stellar algorithms

“Pick a quarrel with your mate”

Is a worthy counsel

That man has never obeyed.

Here we are at Benue

Those there also at Houston

Witnesses to aquatic carnage

Washed off our cushion chairs

Dragged off our comfort porches

Soaked to our pants

Struggling with the wind!

Our will is cracked open

Our spirit bent double

The struggle with God chokes us

The mud has risen to our necks

The floods have wrapped us whole

And when we met Harvey

We said

Have it your way.


Dear reader,

Thanks for reading my poetry. I made this post to contribute to awareness efforts around the world. A number of charities and organizations are donating to victims of the Benue Flood and Hurricane Harvey. Check out these two awareness options:

  1. Benue Sterling Bank Fund Raiser: All you have to do is retweet this twitter post by Sterling Bank and they donate Fifty (50) Naira per retweet. Check tweet here.
  2. Here is a list of Hurricane Harvey relief efforts you can join. Click here.

In case you know of any other charity that need awareness for Benue Victims fund raising, please comment with their name and link so that visitors can see. Please share my poem with your friends and family, also let me know if you loved it.



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