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Online Hustle: 9 Freelancer Apps Earned Me Soft Dollars in 2020

by | Jan 6, 2021 | Business, Freelance, Writing | 0 comments

I recently did a thread on Twitter about 9 Freelancer Apps that earned me lots of money. I wanted it to be a sort of introduction to soft hustles you can do from anywhere even on your phone. Being a freelancer is hard work but it comes with rewards and perks. As of the 6th of Jan, 2021, it had received over 5000 impressions, and 671 engagements including 93 retweets.

Most people who message me about my freelancer journey ask me one important question, “What Skill can I earn with?” This tweet thread answers that question while I give you clear directions on the tools I use the most.

I decided, why not make a blog post out of it. Especially as my friend Olumide Glowville spoke about it on his wall and drove a lot of traffic to my wall.

A list of the apps I earned with in 2020 & How.

  1. Fiverr
  2. Canva
  3. WordPress
  4. Beacon Ebook creator.
  5. AmazonKindle and Print –
  6. ReedsyHQ
  7. Upwork
  8. WriteApp
  9. PDFelement

I will not go into full on details. This will be succinct and informative. You can get more info, ebooks and training from online store.


This was my biggest cash cow but it relied a lot on the other apps. 3 simple steps:

  • Identify a skill, learn it well.
  • Create an account and look for gigs related to your skill. Replicate those gigs on yours.
  • Always use keywords and categories to optimize your gig

What I mean by optimize is that searchers use some industry keywords to find freelancers on Fiverr. A lot of other sellers use those words as well. Make sure your gig is placed in the right category. You can test and change as often as 7days until you start getting requests.


I used Canva for my own projects at first then started to sell.

  • Social media content $85/month for about 10 posts.
  • Flyers.
  • Logos (did a $150 logo at some point)
  • Ebook/Magazine designs (killer ROI)
  • Brand guides and portfolios.

At first, I used the free version but after doing the trial for PRO, I got hooked. I pay about $12 per month but I don’t even notice it anymore. Here’s a link for a free trial. Note that I get a commission if a company or business adopts it using my link.


I recently wrote a post about how to Grow Your Web-worth: 2021 Online Business Ideas. Websites are a big deal these days but not everyone can code. WordPress can help. With WordPress knowledge, you already know the basics of how to create a beautiful website. Plugins and themes can be manipulated to have a lot of functions and features. Check my website About page for samples of sites I have created.

The simple formula with WordPress is this:

  • Connect your hosting and domain (I often use Namecheap)
  • Install WordPress through the cpanel.
  • Purchase CMS tools or themes that offer you unlimited lifetime licenses.
  • Start designing.

Beacon Ebook Creator

Unlike Canva, this is focused mostly on creating ebooks and lead magnets. It’s perfect for creating simple downloadable files. Its most powerful feature is that it pulls posts from links and helps turn them into ebooks.

Beacon requires you to have a pro version to remove their branding from ebooks. Also limits a lot of features but you will find the free version useful. Was lucky to buy a Pro lifetime license on promo.

Amazon Kindle and print publishing.

This is too extensive for a few tweets. I use book formatting tools like Canva, Reedsy, and PDF elements together. Also once you can figure the template for print by downloading it on Kindle publishing support, it is easy. Reedsy helps immensely with typesetting books for print and ePub copies. It doesn’t do too well with adding illustrations or images but it makes sure you can get certain measurements right. I did a lot of Amazon publishing with this.


This is almost like Fiverr. Only a bit less open. Still studying this but I got one good deal here. You can also set up gigs and pitch on this app.


Though they have been quiet, the developers left us with a great tool for organizing writing.

  • I write on plain pages without distraction then export to word.
  • I also organize my projects in folders to save time.

PDF Element

Most ebooks are now in PDF. Even print books on Amazon are first formatted as PDF. This tool helped me add some illustration and fixes to books I had to publish.

On a closing note. Not all these apps are going to bring you directly to customers. Only Fiverr and Upwork focus on that.

Work Ethics I Recommend:

If you’d like to succeed as a freelancer, I think you should be prepared for the work that it entails. I often encounter people who think freelancing is a quick getaway from a fulltime job. Yes, it offers some perks but you need some work ethics to thrive. These are:

  1. The readiness to build social media marketing skills.
  2. Willingness to practice and build discipline.
  3. Readiness to deliver to deadlines.

Share this post if you think someone you know would benefit from it. If you’d like something more intensive than this brief article, I have something for you as well. I have an offer going on now which could be a basic starting point: Monetize Your Gems for just N1,000 (less than $3). For those who want extensive writing and freelancing guidance, I offer two programs:

  1. Write with Flair – A 21 Day Writing Program. – Register here
  2. The Freelancer Pack – Register Here


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